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Some have even broken Tera's terms of service and modified client files to force the Elin to wear their Korean clothes - well, what there is of them. We're going to do surveys in order to know if they're satisfied with the game. Lucile Le Merle: I wasn't involved in the PEGI process, but as far as I know the US is way more strict on any kind of naked bodies.

Now, Frogster's Lucile Le Merle offers her side of the story, addressing the controversy still raging in Tera's virtual world in an interview that highlights the gaping cultural divide between Asia and the West. Lucile Le Merle: We're quite happy with the launch. Tera has a PEGI 12 rating in Europe, but a 17 rating in the US. So it may be due to the sexy costumes and equipment some of the characters are able to wear.

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MMO Tera features a fictional race of scantily clad young anime girls called the Elin.

Here are five ways in which The Judas Contract changed DC Comics.

One of the coolest things about The Judas Contract, which came from writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, was that it really wasn't a self-contained storyline.

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The game features bloody combat and suggestive costuming, especially of female characters.

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The German company didn't say it outright, but it didn't need to. Now, with Tera a week and a half old, in-game chat channels are often filled with Elin talk. Obviously Tera is Frogster's flagship title, so we have high expectations of the game.

Some have accused Frogster of censorship in order to secure Tera's PEGI 12 rating in Europe. We'd say it's very successful at the moment and we're going to monitor the numbers to see if we need to do any additional marketing campaign or if there are some users who need to be more satisfied.

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