Are chad duell and andrea bogart dating

“I knew I wasn't doing the best job, because I was so panicked, had so much work and was taking over in the middle of a storyline.

interview, Brown talked about his experience being assaulted several times by a camp counselor when he was about 10 years old.

Viewers still mourn the loss of Sabrina, especially now as General Hospital spoilers watch Michael [Chad Duell] headed for more heartache over Nelle [Chloe Lanier] who may be his sister, aunt, or cousin.

So why couldn’t a relative of Sabrina’s, who just happens to look exactly like her, settle in Port Charles?

In a interview, Jen reveals the soundtrack to the soapy days of her life.

Tristan Rogers will be sticking around The Young and the Restless, but could he pop up on other projects?

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