Updating records in mysql databases with htmlphp

When you write data to a database, you use SQL statements, specifically the INSERT command.

It is straightforward, the INSERT command inserts data into the database.

What we will do is insert a test comment using php My Admin, and then copy the INSERT command it used.

To INSERT using php My Admin Now that we have a sample query, we need to modify it and run in once a user has submitted a comment. If you're not familiar with php, any line that begins with // is a comment.

have a listing of all employees along with separate home pages for each employee) while keeping the maintenance effort low.

Once your website needs a redesign you will only have to change one template file rather than a myriad of pages.

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In the example below, we've put in comments explaining what exactly certain peicies of code are doing: Now that we have the php code to insert the comments into the database, we need to put the code into our pages (page1and page2.php).Thx Bill Bruggemeyer :) debug_all = true; Then it will print out each and every query and all of the results that your script creates.Very useful if you want to follow the entire logic path of what ALL your queries are doing, but can't be bothered to put $db-debug() statements all over the place!You may also like upload multiple images with preview using j Query and PHP.This is fetch_file header("content-type:image/jpeg"); $host = 'localhost'; $user = 'root'; $pass = ' '; mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass); mysql_select_db('demo'); $name=$_GET['name']; $select_image="select * from image_table where imagename='$name'"; $var=mysql_query($select_image); if($row=mysql_fetch_array($var)) echo $image; Step 1.

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