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What we love about this house is the simple floor plan that makes it a blank slate, the kitchen’s great potential, solid construction such as copper wiring and no crumbling walls or foundation issues, and the neighborhood. We’re also thrilled that it hasn’t endured any DIY tricks or techniques that would make us run for the hills.This new-to-us house has kept us pretty busy the last couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to start showing you Before & After pictures, how we’re adding more functionality and storage to the house, and quick tips for home maintenance, improvement, and better energy efficiency.With their single-story construction and efficient use of space, there's a lot to love about ranch houses.However, one look at the popcorn ceilings and 70s-era paneling will tell you that there's also plenty to improve. Today, I am sharing our 1960’s ranch style home tour. I’ve admired and followed her blog for years and am so honored to be sharing my home with her and you.

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They're usually structurally and mechanically sound, and their characteristic low-pitched roof with wide overhangs protects the windows and siding and keeps exterior maintenance to a minimum.Along with the new millennium, a new generation of home buyers started to take a new look at 1970s ranches--buying them and refreshing them, while respecting their origins.Vintage 1970s ranch style decor featured parquet wood flooring, vinyl sheet flooring and carpet.It’s a classy fixer-upper, previously owned for forty years by Jack and Minnie who valued strong quality and regular maintenance.This 70’s classic ranch house was tastefully decorated in all the finishing touches of the decade: Dark wood paneling Harvest gold kitchen sink, counters, and stove A wet bar, no, make that a Brick! right down the center of the living room Carpet in the bathroom Drapes, drapes, and more drapes And it hasn’t been updated since 1970.

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