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Construction Management services offered by MEPIS can best be described as a full-service cradle to grave approach to construction.In the early stages, a project is budgeted based upon the design curriculum and MEPIS solicits the project directly to contractors themselves.I would like to see bigger fonts and a few small quirks cleaned, like for instance, the Documents folder icon on the desktop not having its text split across two lines as this looks rather bad.However, I like the fact plasma thingie is not used by default. No problems, and it's nice to see MEPIS become as transparent as the rest when it comes to letting you get onto the Internet.

Status: Johnny Hughes has announced the release of Cent OS 6.9, a Red Hat-sponsored Linux distribution built from the source code for the recently-released Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.9.

Simply MEPIS is based on Debian Linux distribution.

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Furthermore, upgrading the SSD’s firmware (its internal software) is highly recommended.

Many don’t know that SSDs, unlike regular hard drives, can sustain a limited number of writes before breaking.

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