Updating kitchen range hoods dating a older woman

Imagine my surprise when they asked me to do a guest post about my Custom Range Hood!We bought our house in 2010, two months after the birth of our son, and I have been working non-stop since then to make our house our home.But that shouldn't imply that installing these and other commercial-style cooking equipment is a breeze.When I think of builder grade, the first place I think of is the kitchen.More than any other area of the house, kitchens tend to be at the top of everyone's “what I want to change about my home” list.And where to start with taking your kitchen from builder-grade to beautiful (since that's kind of our thing)? It all starts with painting (usually), but there are lots of great options beyond paint, too.All the hardware you need to install the hood to the bottom of the cabinet is included with each unit for your convenience.

Instead, they purchased off-the-rack commercial ranges like Garland and Wolf and attempted to retrofit them into their homes.

What that appliance advertisement omits is that the retail price of the equipment is only the starting point.

First, the floor must be shored up to support the sizeable load.

"We speak fondly of a concept called 'burning down the house,'" explains Steve Kleber, past president of Center for Kitchen & Bath Education and Research, recalling the earliest examples of prosumerism.

"These commercial ranges were not insulated like today's pro-style ranges and the very high levels of heat would literally catch wooden cabinetry on fire." Thanks to greatly improved insulation, the pro-style ranges on the market today have zero clearance for combustibility, meaning they can be butted up against walls and wood cabinets.

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