Tools for validating xml

Convert JSON to CSV data with XML Validator Buddy 4.8 Convert CSV input to JSON or XML with XML Validator Buddy 4.6 Improved XML to JSON conversions and JSON pretty-print/remove whitespace functionalities with XML Validator Buddy 4.5 XPath Evaluator window and quick generation of XPath expressions for your XML in XML Validator Buddy 4.4 XML Validator Buddy 4.3 is now also a JSON editor with JSON schema support.

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XML validation and XSLT viewing used to require, at least when using Microsoft's proprietary browser, a separate set of utilities to get this task done.You validate XML data against an XML schema to ensure that any XML data that you import to or export from one or more cells in a mapped range in a worksheet conforms to the XML schema in the XML Source task pane.Note: This option does not validate data when you enter data in mapped cells.An easy to use XML batch validator and a convenient "Find invalid XML" feature.A Schematron validator and also support for JSON Schema with JSON syntax-coloring and auto-completion.

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