Soo ae dating

Well, I saw you in I Do, I Do and now most recently in Inspiring Generation as Gaya. I mean, when the character turned bad, and just had it in for poor Shin Jung Tae but couldn't manage to kill him....

I was like come on girl kill him or love him pick one, because this merry-go-round is making me sick...

Stop writing fiction, keep your imagination to yourself", "Being look-alikes is proof they're dating?

Finally, the netizen claimed that the two have been captured multiple times, looking in each other's direction.

Then I am watch You are the Best Lee Soon Shin and Bingo there is this man who looked familiar in a totally different character. Kim Kap soo ssi is very good actor : D either it villain or not villain/loving person you always play it very well : D one thing, kim kap soo ssi indeed professional short lived actors : D i'll look forward with your dying acting in the future : D lately, you always die in your drama T___T hwaiting~ Hi.

Your role as a loving father in Cinderellas sister was very remarkable.

Aside from Girls' Generation's activities, Sooyoung has participated in various music and acting projects.

In the early days, her acting work mostly involved several small roles and guest appearances—these include KBS2's sitcom Unstoppable Marriage (2007), During this period, musically, she recorded two songs—one trot song titled "KKok" with Girls' Generation member Yuri for the SBS's drama Working Mom, while the other one, "Feeling Only You", was a collaboration with Girls' Generation member Tiffany and South Korean duo The Blue.

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