Rewriting updating maintenance procedures

It is designed to provide effective, assessment-based precautions to minimize or eliminate occupational exposure to hazardous drugs.

The purpose of this chapter is to: (1) Provide for the safe mechanical and electrical operation, construction, installation, alteration, inspection, relocation, and repair of conveyances; and (2) Ensure that all such operation, construction, installation, alteration, inspection, and repair subject to the provisions of this chapter will be reasonably safe to persons and property and in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and the applicable statutes of the state of Washington.

A method and schedule for regular monitoring can include reports or other deliverables and expectations for meeting attendance.

The rules in this chapter are designed to protect the health of employees and help to create a healthy workplace by establishing requirements to control health hazards.

Requirements for chemical hazard communication programs, workplace lighting levels and exposure records are in chapter 296-800 WAC, the safety and health core rules.

Plan maintenance is the process the planning team establishes to track the plan’s implementation progress and to inform the plan update.

The plan must include a description of the method and schedule for monitoring, evaluating, and updating it within a 5-year cycle.

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