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I tried different methods to make ajax call even in md-items but it doesn't work.

But ajax takes time to give response and before even coming response it shows no data found and when response comes it does not get updated in dropdown even if array provided in md-items is updated.

When the scheduler runs the scheduled job created from the business rule.

Then i gave md-delay of 5 sec then it rendered result but that is too of previous search query. Can you at least show me proper working example of autocomplete with ajax call in md-search-text-changed so that I'll get idea where I am going wrong or it's issue of md-autocomplete. autocomplete list only updates for the previous query.

ie- if i have a min character limit before query of 3, and i type 'cli' nothing happens.

plug Crm App.controller('Search Bar Ctrl', ['$scope', '$root Scope', '$timeout', '$http', '$location', '$q', 'Autocomplete Search', function($scope, $root Scope, $timeout, $http, $location, $q, Autocomplete Search) ]); @rcevs It didn't work actually. Less code, but the component acts the same way as before. I took this example to make my autocomplete request. If you open his console, you'll see that sometimes the request is made, with results, and the dropdown doesn't update its content.

The title of this bug matches my case but my details are a bit different.

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