Problems updating nokia software

Hands on Nokia has been rolling out its latest Windows Phone update across multiple territories over this last week, to much fanfare.The update, simply called Nokia Black, offers interface and camera enhancements to a range of existing Lumia handsets, further differentiating its Windows phones portfolio from the rest of the pack.The phone will continue to the next update automatically.Do not disconnect the phone from the PC until all four updates are installed.The problem affects early Win Pho 7 handsets across all manufacturers and is a Zune driver issue that prevents upgrading to Windows Phone 7.8, which is worth having as it introduces features found in version 8.

Remnants of its work around advice for error 801812C1 still linger on a Nokia forum.I’ve had first-hand experience of both issues whilst updating my Lumia 820. It took three attempts to get Nokia Black to take, but unlike many upgraders, I did manage to crawl out of error 80188309 hell.It’s not the first time I’ve been led a merry dance by a Nokia Windows phone update.As I write this, only the Nokia N70, N72, 6630, 66 S60 phones are supported, but it is anticipated that Nokia will be significantly extending the number of supported phones very shortly, to include all S60 3rd Edition devices.Currently all S60 phone updates are done via a USB cable.

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