No dating for the batman

Note: Batman: The Animated Series producers Alan Burnett, Bruce Timm, and Glen Murakami, voiced the escaped inmates at Arkham Asylum in this episode.Seeking revenge on Batman for ruining their criminal operations, three mob bosses meet together and hire a mysterious villain named Bane to finish him off, once and for all.

Batman: One: dating within the team always leads to disaster. Batman: Green Arrow: C’mon, I don’t belong up here, fighting monsters and aliens and super-villians. And a big club like this, you tend to forget all about him. Lord Batman: And with that power, we’ve made a world where no eight-year-old boy will ever lose his parents because of some punk with a gun! Of course, that’s nothing compared to the reveal that Amazon women have sex with sailors, murder them when they’re done getting pregnant, and then proceed to sell their male children into slavery (to the god Hephaestus) in exchange for some sweet weaponry.It’s hard to blame any fans for being upset over these alterations: while it might be an interesting angle in a purely practical sense, it has very clearly damaged the mythos of Wonder Woman, the heritage that made her the pillar of truth and love that the comics always extolled.

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