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I already have all the info on her - marriage, children etc but her name has always got me thinking. And in all the land were no women found so faire as the daughters of Job: and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren.' The name Kezia is supposed to derive from the Hebrew word for cassia [a tree related to the cinnamon tree and yielding a similar spice] according to this site:

Is Kezia a local Dorset name - is it foreign - and does it have a meaning? Had never heard the name before I found it in my own family tree. Is Kezia a local Dorset name - is it foreign - and does it have a meaning?

Also, unusually and in common with her sisters, Keren-happuch was granted an inheritance by her father, with her brothers as might have been expected (Job 42-15).

Apart from these brief references at the end of the Book of Job, she is not mentioned elsewhere in the Bible.

Peter Bloomfield suggests that the beauty of his daughters "underscores Job's complete recovery.

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:smile: I gather the usual pronunciation in England is/was to rhyme with Isiah (stress on the second syllable ie Kez-EYE-ah).Then she opens a colorfully ornamented box that contains a collection of small bottles, vases, and jars made of glass, ivory, shell, or stone.In them she has an assortment of oils and perfumes that are delicately scented with balsam, cardamom, cinnamon, frankincense, honey, myrrh, and the like.Peering into a bronze mirror, she carefully proceeds with her beauty regimen.IT SEEMS that since the earliest of times, women have been very interested in making themselves beautiful. There are, of course, no tomb paintings or frescoes from ancient Israel that we can refer to.

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