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Only occasionally do hermaphrodites actually exhibit the genitalia of both a male and a female; for example, a person might have a penis as well as a vagina.

In many of these cases, the doctors aren’t sure which genitalia the person has at birth: For instance, a female might appear to have a very large clitoris, or a male might appear to have a very small penis.

But she always knew she did not fit into society's rigid male or female categories and refused major surgery to mould her body into either. "I don't want to morph into a blue or pink box; I want to stay in my silver box."These words stuck with me, especially because things were not always so simple.

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Born with ambiguous sexual organs, she was raised a boy.The programme features powerful insights from people living with these conditions, and the medical teams at the forefront of the field, including clinical psychologist Tiger Devore, whose own sex when born was ambiguous.I established this page in 2000, it seemed to be generally well received and I incorporated feedback received from various relevant sources.These photographs were never published in mainstream media.A person who is a hermaphrodite has both female and male genital characteristics and can also be called intersex people.

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