Dating in american samoa

This population is 89 percent Samoan, 3.7 percent Tongan, and about 2 percent white (mostly Americans).

The remaining 5 percent are small subgroups from other Pacific islands, Asians, and groups of mixed heritage.

He sits in the shade of a hut built from the debris of a 2009 tsunami, cracks a third Coors Light, and sparks a fourth Marlboro. The park is spread out over three islands: the main portion, on Tutuila, is on the north coast and lacks the fringing reef generally required for good tropical waves. It breaks for a hundred yards before emptying into a deep blue channel. The territory of American Samoa was annexed by the United States in 1899, ­mainly so American ships could use Pago Pago Harbor as a fueling often heard in American Samoa, and refers to the traditional Samoan lifestyle, or way of life.It is the foundation of Polynesia’s oldest culture – dating back some 3,000 years.“I’m a lucky guy,” he says, looking into the distance at nothing in particular and answering a question I didn’t ask. Fuck the rat race.” We’re waiting for Michael Jackson, a 46-year-old expat who promises to help me find some surf. He has hair the color and kink of uncooked ramen, blue eyes, and tan, crispy skin. So we’ve got our sights on the outer islands, where there are park enclaves on a couple of reef-lined southern coasts. It looks to be just over head high, but it’s impossible to tell. Combined, the five islands are home to 55,000 people and ­cover 76 square miles, about the same area as ­Baton Rouge, Louisiana.He’s running late, but ­before Dusty and I can continue talking about life choices, M. In 1988, Congress designated a sixth of that as the National Park of American Samoa.

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