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caught up with Terrence and executive producer Lee Daniels at a TVfest presented by SCAD in Atlanta, Georgia last weekend — where Terrence was honored with the Spotlight Award — we had to find out more about the palpable chemistry between Cookie and Lucious — as well as Taraji and Terrence themselves.

"I want a man who is not caught up into what I do for a living," she declared."I’m not that girl on the screen, I am none of those characters, I am me.) and the A-list guest stars are fantastic (Cuba Gooding, Jr., Naomi Campbell), it’s the relationship between Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyons and ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P.

Hello all, First, happy new year to you all, hope it was safe and a good time :)We've had a lot of updates on bangyoulater since christmas, and we've fixed up a lot of things.

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