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Martin Graf, from the University of South Wales, has designed a new ‘validation scale’ to measure online behaviours such as paying ‘likes’ for ’likes’ or accepting unknown friends on Facebook.This questionnaire was completed online by 344 respondents, together with the Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale and the Big 5 measure of personality traits.

To highlight some of the year’s best, here are 10 quality episodes we suggest adding to your listening queue.A swish new high-rise neighbourhood is on the horizon for White City, where homes in the BBC's former "doughnut" building, massive investment and top-notch amenities are already cementing the area as one of London's best addresses.Maybe you’re a podcast obsessive, filling every spare moment of your commute to catch up on your favorites.Perhaps unsurprisingly, he found that lower levels of self-esteem were linked to greater effort to get online validation and more likelihood of people deleting posts or profile pictures that didn’t get the desired response.These validation behaviours also showed negative correlations with personality traits such as conscientiousness, openness and agreeableness.

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