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In 2012, psychology student Sarah Hatheway Valverde of Cal Poly State University based her Master’s Thesis around understanding the makeup of this doll-owning population.

She wrote: “More often than not, sex doll-ownership is portrayed as pathological.

“If you are single and considering a sex detox, consider what you are doing it for.

By taking time to get to know somebody you are finding if you are compatible.” Earlier this month a writer called Tom Young wrote about his experience of a year without sex in an article forthat “the way that we talk about casual sex allows a lot of people to escape accountability when it comes to relationships and defining them”.

It doesn’t have to be a committed relationship — just some kind of a lifeline back to reality.

At the precise moment that your reason control center shuts down, you experience a rush of hormones that make you like and trust the person you’ve just had sex with. The more intense the high is for you, the more you’re going to want to see that person again. Sex causes an irrational attachment — one that doesn’t necessarily match up with your thoughts and feelings outside of the bedroom. It seems that if there’s some rational, reality-based bond with a person before we have sex with them, it’ll be a easier to deal with them, and ourselves, when we come back from our temporary trip to Orgasm-Trusty-Rainbow-Land.

However, for some single people ready to settle down, a 'sex detox' has been suggested as the way to break out of a dating rut, according to some relationship counsellors.

Clinical psychologist Dr Megan Fleming said “there's something to be said about taking a break and getting that reset” for those who find themselves more interested in sex than a relationships.

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