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event we create a new View Model object with the values entered in the grid.And add it to the Session collection then we bind the Session collection to the grid.Here, we set the Data Source of the Grid View to Sql Data Source1. We also enable paging, sorting and editing features of the Grid View.By default when the Grid View controls goes in edit mode, it displays Text Boxes for entering values.You can not attach validation controls directly to these Text Boxes.To enable data editing in Web Data Grid™, add the Cell Editing behavior to the Behaviors collection.

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In this article, we will explore how to add, update, delete and select a record from sql server database using gridview control in a simple way.Fields not specified in the C-FIND service definition but present in Table 9.3-5 are required by the DIMSE-C protocol. NET 2.0 Grid View control allows us to quickly edit and delete records.The Edit Mode Actions property of the Cell Editing behavior lets you determine what actions will cause a cell to enter edit mode. If you have handled the Row Updating event, changes will commit immediately to your data source as you lose focus on the edited row.

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